Select presentations and papers

(2017, Feb 22nd). State and Security: The Great War Debate. Wolfson Hall, Churchill College, Cambridge University. Cambridge.

(2016, November 9th). Poppyganda: objects, memory and modern conflict. Spotlight Theatre, Cirencester.

(2012 – 2015). Co-organiser and speaker at the annual Modern Conflict Archaeology Conference (MCA), University of Bristol, Bristol.

(2014, Nov 12th). Digging in the dark: modern conflict archaeology beneath the Western Front. Lecture to the Royal Archaeological Institute, Antiquities, London.

(2014, March 1st). Digging in the dark: modern conflict archaeology beneath the Western Front. Current Archaeology conference, modern conflict archaeology session, Senate House, University of London, London.

(2013, Sep 6th). Conflict culture and the First World War: The sensorium in the subterranean landscapes of the Western Front. Conflict and the Senses: Materialities and Cultural Memory of 20th Century Conflict. Imperial War Museum, London.

(2011, Oct 21st). Picturing War: A recently discovered diary from the First World War. Modern Conflict Archaeology Conference, University of Bristol.

(2010, Dec 19th). Muddy Hell: The realities of the Western Front conflict landscape during the Great War. Theoretical Archaeology Group: 20th and 21st Century Conflict: Contested Legacies. University of Bristol.


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